Star Interviews : Surender Reddy Talks About 'Racegurram'

Hot Photos in Saree: Star Interviews : Surender Reddy Talks About 'Racegurram'.
 Director Surender Reddy needs no special introduction. With super hits like Atanokkade and Kick, he has won name and fans as well. The director has now made Racegurram with Allu Arjun in the lead. A chitchat with him.

 Tell us about Racegurram… Does it have any link with horse races as the title suggests?
Racegurram is a racy entertainer. It is an out and out family entertainer with more stress on emotions. The story doesn't have any link with horse riding or horse race. The reason why put this title is because the hero symbolizes energy. In the film, if he fixes one target he will achieve in swift and dedication. Much like a race horse. So, we thought this would be the apt title. And we all know, Allu Arjun is a bundle of energy on screen and the off screen. No wonder then that the title could create such curiosity in all.

 So you have moved from action to family entertainer?
Yes, but there are action sequences too. The story revolves around two brothers. Younger brother is Allu Arjun, while the elder one's role is played by (Kick) Shaam. From childhood, the brothers fight for petty reasons. So their mom's only dream is to see them be like Rama Lakshmana.

 Is Allu Arjun playing a cop in the film?
No, not at all. Yes, he wears Khaki dress as part of the story but that doesn't make him a cop! Shaam is a police officer in the film. He is honest officer, he goes by rulebook. Where as Allu Arjun plays the role of a youngster who is readying up to go to America as he completed the studies here. Allu Arjun is quite contrary to his brother, he doesn't believe in rules or penal code system. If he believes something is wrong, he will do it set it right irrespective by hook or crook.

The film is again penned by your writer Vakkantam Vamsi. You have not written any script apart from your debut movie, Athanokkade. Why is it so?
I came to the film industry with Athanokkade's script and became the director. Later I met with Vakkantham Vamsi and have been doing his scripts. We have hit off well, he prepares me the scripts that I want.

There are rumors that the film has resemblance to Tadakha or Hindi film Ram Lakhan.
No, absolutely no link with those films. This is more family entertainer as I said.

Why did you rope in Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishan in the film?
The characterization of the villain in this film is very peculiar. He is a politician with different setup of mind. The character has lots of variations. He also does comedy although he is a villain. So we thought Ravi Kishan suits well for this role and convinced him to do the film. He did excellent job.

Heard that you used special lights for the film?
Yes, we used special lights (12KV) throughout the shoot. Generally these lights are used for certain portions in a movie but we used for complete shoot. It was cinematographer Manoj Paramhansa's idea to use them as he had special scheme for the movie. When we told this idea, producer Bujji said go ahead although it escalates budget. Today we are so happy that entire film has come out so richly visually.

What made you to work with Manoj Paramhamsa?
Racegurram is set in the backdrop of Hyderabad city. Except for some indoor shoots and songs, rest of the movie is mostly filmed in Hyderabad. Since Hyderabad has no virgin locations as we have been filming all movies for years, I wanted someone who can see/shot in new light this city. I have seen his work Eeram, a Tamil movie and since then wanted to work with him. Thus we chose him. His work will be main highlight in Racegurram. I told him that since it is a family entertainer, you won't find room for 'stylish cinematography', but he came up with beautiful work within the limitations of the genre.

How was it working with Allu Arjun?
He is the most comfortable actor. I have developed a special bond with him. He also gave lot of inputs while shooting. You must have seen that 'Daavuda..' word he used in the trailer. It was his idea.

What is Shruti Haasan's role?
She plays entertaining character. She is kind of a girl who doesn't express what she thinks in her mind or heart. She will tickle your funny bone.

You have given break to Thaman with Kick. Now you have worked with him after a gap…
Yes, I wanted Thaman as it would be his first combination with Allu Arjun. I knew him when he was working as keyboard player with Manisharma. I promised him that I would give him chance as music director when he was Mani's assistant and I kept my promise. Happy that he has given such a hit musical score.

Where did you go wrong with your earlier film, Oosaravelli?

Lots of things had gone wrong but still it is one of my favorite films. The film's script had lot of potential we did go wrong in screenplay. But I have plans to change it and rework for a Hindi movie.

When are you going to start Kick 2?
Plan is to commence it from August. Ravi Teja will be doing the lead but this is not a sequel to Kick. Just that it will have 'social message' and Ravi Teja as hero. Kalyan Ram will be producing the film. Apart from this, I am also planning to start a lovestory with newcomers in the lead roles for producer Tagore Madhu.

You wanted to direct Kick in Hindi. Why didn't it materialize?
When the remake rights were bought by Hindi producers, they offered me to direct it but the project got delayed. In the meantime, I started working for Oosaravelli. Then again, they approached me but I was middle of the shooting. Later the producer himself turned director when Salman Khan gave dates. But I have plans to move to Bollywood pretty soon.

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