Laddubabu Movie Review

Hot Photos in Saree: Laddubabu Movie Review.

Laddubabu movie reviewMovie: Laddubabu
Cast: Allar Naresh, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Poorna, Bhoomika, Brahmanandam, Ali, MS Narayana, and others
Director: Ravi Babu
Producer: Tripuraneni Rajendra
Music: Chakri
Rating: 2.5  /5
Laddu Babu, is the latest comedy bomb from the super combination of director Ravi Babu and Allari Naresh. The much awaited entertainer is released today, and this is what you can expect from the film, APGossips review about the film -                                                                                    Laddu Babu movie review!

Story Plot:
Laddu Babu is an aam aadmi but with a physical difference; he is very fat. The weight gain happens because of a viral infection after a mosquito bite. The happy-go-lucky man stays with his dad who is miser to the core, who wants his son to be married off soon. Quite the contrary Laddu Babu believes in love marriage, and finds his soul mate in Maya. As fate would have it he stumbles upon another single mom Bhoomika who is a mother of one. What happens to Laddu Babu’s love? How hard does he try to cut off his weight form the rest of the story.

Naresh leaves you in awe with how much he has painstakingly carried off the role; notwithstanding the difficulty of emoting with such a makeup and costume. He scores A plus for all that and more. He has taken hi acting to another level.
As a miser dad this is another easy role for Kota Srinivas Rao. His being critical of his own son is reflective of some of the parents we see in current generation.
Bhoomika’s role of single mom is good and she has an incredible screen presence throughout the scenes involving her.
Poorna, who’s done the female lead role has nothing much to offer (read in between lines).
The lad did a wonderful job and he has a good deal of role in the movie and justifies his presence in every single frame.
If Laddu Babu gets a good rating the cameraman takes good share of its success. Chakri was expected to deliver better, other than the title song there isn’t anything that is appealing in the entire movie.
Ravi Babu fails to live up to our expectations of being that unique and creative director. And the script appears very loosely woven with excessively lengthy narration that eventually fails to convince us in terms of logic. The movie does remind audience of the Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor movie.

What’s good:
1. Naresh on the whole
2. Bhumika’s son
3. Bhoomika’s role and Bramhi’s intro.
Negative Aspects :
1. Slow-paced story.
2. Slapstick comedy of making fun of a person’s helpless physical appearance.

APG Verdict:
Laddu Babu doesn’t appear like a complete Allari Naresh or Ravi Babu kinda film. We wonder where has the versatality of the director gone, nonetheless Naresh’s efforts to impress us as a fat man and the concept of the movie makes it maybe just a good one-time watch!

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