Pyar Mein Padipoyane Movie Review

Hot Photos in Saree: Pyar Mein Padipoyane Movie Review.
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Cast : Aadi, Shanvi
Music : Anup Rubens  Direction: Kk Radhamohan
Producer: Ravi Chavali
Releasing Date : 10th May, 2014, CBFC : U/A
Cinematography : T Surendra Reddy
Banners :  Sri Satya Sai Arts

Pyar Mein Padipoyane Review

Behind the Movie PMP: Rock Star Aadi and ‘Lovely’ cutie Shanvi are paired one more time for producer KK Radha Mohan and director Ravi K Chavali with music scored by Anup Rubens. Let us see, how far we can fall in love with the film?

In the Movie PMP: Story begins with introduction of Chandra (Aadi) and Yuktha (Shanvi) belonging to the same college with common passion for singing. They join hands to release an album on own and in the process of achieving it, they fall in love. With help of friends, they start the music band of Crazy Gang. At a time when everything is going fine with romantic track of Chandra and Yuktha, twist comes in the form of their childhood where in Yuktha develops lot of annoyance towards Chinna who is none other than grown up Chandra for a silly reason.

Without allowing Yuktha to realize that Chinna is none other than Chandra, their friends’ batch begins to sort out the things. Finally, when Yuktha gets aware of this, result is the break up. Nevertheless, they have to fulfill the common goal of completing the album. Did they?

Values & Out of the Movie PMP: A film should necessarily take the audience with journey of characterizations presented on screen. When it is a romantic storyline, it gets easy for a director to instill the soul with youthful elements making it a feast for audience to get connected. Till now, ‘Lovely’ and ‘Prema Kavali’ have augured good name and fame for Aadi because of his energy, attitude and youth pulling factor. When it comes to ‘PMP,’ there is nothing for Aadi to prove. The lackluster script, spineless direction and dejected treatment will leave the audience disconsolate. Especially, meager production values and bad writing needed a special mention. Thanks to Surendra Reddy’s neat camera work in canning the songs with tunes composed by reliable Anup Rubens made it a livable fare. KV Krishna Reddy’s editing is again discouraging.

On performance front, Aadi lost the charm on face may be due to excessive strain taken in building the six packs for ‘Rough.’ Anyhow, his utterance of dialogues, comic timing and dances can be spared. He should show a bit of intelligence in selecting the scripts to build a healthy and long lasting career. Shanvi is as usual beautiful with a scope to act. Her chemistry with Aadi is pleasant. Among the rest Vennela Kishore as Bobby, the gay music company owner, Madhu Nandan as Aadi’s childhood friend, Sapthagiri as artist Hussain Varma, Thagubothu Ramesh poured a bit of humor. Kasi Vishwanath, Sathya, Vishnu Priya, Ananth etc were okay.

Story line of the movie is wafer thin just based on childhood mistakes extended to youth age. Rest is the game of bluffing used to generate comedy tracks in second half. Although episodes on Sapthagiri, Madhu Nandan, Thagubothu Ramesh hatched few laughs yet this wasn’t enough to convince the patrons. For that matter, director and producer should know that handy cam or camera (which is key property in entire story for Shanvi to develop vengeance on childhood Aadi) is used only to shoot but not to play the same on screen. One can convert the cassettes or negative to VCDs, DVDs. God knows how director was able to assure producer missing this simple logic. Such loopholes are found innumerable in the script. 

Entire first half is wasted with lame and unripened humor. No wonder the IPL techniques used for copying in exams (now please do not ask us when did Engineering Colleges start using Multiple Choice questions in their final exams and that too for 25 marks) should have dealt still better. The interval twist is pale and loose with no shock value. Into the second half, take off is pathetic with the pub episode. From then on, story steers on implausible and weak patches leading to a gimpy climax. Overall, this film can do nothing good for Aadi and Shanvi’s careers. Commercially, producer might be saved easily because there is nothing like lavishness in taking which shows the shoe string budget spent in making.

Cinejosh Verdict of PMP: Failed to Make Us Fall In Love.


  • Shanvi is Awesome, Looking Gorgeous
  • Sapthagiri Comedy in 2nd Half as painter Hussain Varma
  • Emotional Scenes in Climax
  • Some Songs are picturized well
  • Cinematography by T Surrender Reddy is neat
  • Music By Anup Rubens is helpful for the film


  • Aadi Delivered a very Poor performance
  • Movie Length is the main drawback
  • Many unecessary scenes are been added
  • Lead pair chemistry not worked well
  • Vennela Kishore is irritating as a gay music boss
  • Songs placement - Back to Back songs tests patience
  • First half is dragging

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