Bhimavaram Bullodu Movie Review | Rating

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Cast : Sunil, Ester Noronha, Tanikella Bharani, Jayaprakash Reddy, Sayaji Shinde, Raghu Babu, Posani Krishna Murali, Telangana Sakuntala, Sana etc.,
Director : Uday Shankar
Producer : Suresh Babu
 Music By : Anoop Rubens Movie release date : Feb 27, 2014

SouthMp3.Us Rating : 2/5

Sunil is back as Bhimavaram Bullodu after his failed attempt to make an impression as solo hero in Mr. Pellikoduku. Udaya Sankar of Kalisundam Ra fame directed this film and Suresh produced it.

What is it about?

Rambabu (Sunil) is a timid guy who stays away from troubles. One day he comes to know that he has brain tumor and will die in ten days. So he decides to some good for society in those ten days and messes with rowdies of Hyderabad. Doctor reveals that Rambabu has no brain tumor and now he has to run for his life. Also he has a task to impress his lover's (Esther) dad (Sayaji Shinde).


Sunil is in his elements as Rambabu. He tried hard to justice to his role and not to seem like a regular commercial hero. However those who expect trademark Sunil comedy will be disappointed with this character. Esther is alright. Posani Krishna Murali's comedy didn't impress. Prithviraj's act as blind man is good. Supreeth is okay and Sayaji Shinde is standard. There are so many actors in this film and everyone did their bit.

Udaya Sankar's last film Raraju was a dud and he has waited for years to get another opportunity. Despite sitting idle for many years, he couldn't write a good story. The story of this film is given by Kalidas and it is too cliched and ordinary. Even the screenplay and treatment are so bad that Bhimavaram Bullodu fails on many levels.

Cinematography is standard and editing could have been much much better. There is so much lag in the second half which could have been edited out. Dialogues by Sridhar are silly and Music by Anup Rubens is mediocre. The film is made on a very low budget.

Audience expects a good comedy with Sunil playing the lead role. Bhimavaram Bullodu tried to entertain, but the cliched treatment and stale comedy didn't help the cause. First half of the movie is a total waste with Sunil playing an action hero with so many fight scenes. Everything can be predicted from scene one and there is not much fun to sit through this horrendous comedy.

There is comedy in bits and pieces in the second hour, but that will not please the ticket paying public. Sunil's efforts to impress Sayaji Shinde, his attempts to slip away from the goons should have been hilarious to make an impact. Sadly, Bhimavaram Bullodu doesn't deliver the required punch at the right time. At one point the film turns out to be unbearably predictable and boring that you will have to wait impatiently for the end titles to roll in.

Bhimavaram Bullodu is an unimpressive comedy that will not appeal to any section of audience. It is hard to sit through this film unless you are provided with the facility of fast forwarding the boring parts. You will be terribly disappointed if you are expecting genuine comedic moments from ace comedian Sunil. Better to watch his comedy bits on Gemini comedy or Youtube channel rather going for Bhimavaram Bullodu.

Verdict: Hopeless Bullodu       

Bhimavaram Bullodu Complete Review Coming Soon...Stay Tuned to SouthMp3.Us

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